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Highlights on the hotspots of traditional Chinese medicine- research, education, clinical practice, innovation, and so on.

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Reviews on previous published literature to form new ideas of TCM. A literature review should be evidence-based.

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Exploration on theoretical aspects of TCM. Digging in tradition, aiming at modernization. Creation is the purpose.

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Experimental Studies

Experimental studies on TCM and related topics. By experiments we try to explain and explore the scientific core of TCM.

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Clinical Trials

Scientifically designed clinical studies on TCM. Randomized controlled trials, cohort study, case control study... and many more.

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Case Reports

Typical case reports- a collection for successful treatments by TCM, especially cases from famous practitioners are reported here.

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The cooperation platform for jointly developing research items, applying funding, etc. By the platform you may find international peers for the common study.

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We help for translation so that you research results can put forward to international readers quickly. Fee-for-service is required. Submissions in original language are welcomed.

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A collection of funding information worldwide, focusing on complementary and alternative medicine. Application pathways or documents might be available here.

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