Senior member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Professor, Chief Physician, Principal researcher. Chairman of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine.

Ke-Ji CHEN, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is currently a senior researcher and director of the Center for Cardiovascular Diseases at Xiyuan Hospital affiliated to the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.

Chen is the founder and pioneer of integrative medicine in China. The studies on blood statis syndrome and activating blood circulation by his research group was awarded the First Prize of National Scientific Achievement in 2003. He has systematized over 30,000 original medical archives in the imperial palace of the Qing dynasty (1644 -1911). He founded the Chinese and English edition of “Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine”. He has been awarded more than 10 prizes for his achievements at the national and ministerial level and has edited over 20 monographs and has presided over 8 major research projects at the national level.

The theory of activating blood circulation and removing statis is an important part of the traditional Chinese medicine. Ke-Ji CHEN drafted and organized the national implementation of the criteria for the diagnosis of blood stasis syndrome and the criteria for the evaluation on the therapeutic effects, which have been discussed and recognized and quoted 290 times in total at the two international conferences that he presided over. He put forward the methods of traditional and modern classification of blood statis syndrome, made a systematic classification of traditional Chinese blood-activating and stasis-eliminating herbs (also known as ABC herbs) based on the different function of blood regulation, blood circulation and blood statis breaking and made a study of its impact strength on the macro and micro biological rheological property and put them in the modern classification. He is the chief editor of “Research on Blood Statis Symptom Complex and Therapies to Activate Blood Circulation and Remove Blood Statis” and “Practical Study on Blood Statis Syndrome” and other related papers, and has established a modern academic theoretical system based on traditional blood statis syndrome and blood activation and statis removal. The above-mentioned criteria for blood statis syndrome and methods of classification have been extensively recognized and applied at home and abroad and the therapy of blood activation and statis removal which he promoted has been widely applied in all clinical disciplines.

Ke-Ji CHEN system has carried out the basic and clinical studies of xuefu zhuyu decoction, a famous prescription for activating blood circulation and removing statis and has gained remarkable achievement. The result of the related studies was granted the first prize of the national scientific achievement award in 2003. The criteria for the differentiation of coronary heart disease and the criteria for the evaluation on its therapeutic effects which he drafted has become the common criteria for developing new drugs for that disease

In 1981, Ke-Ji CHEN established the “Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine” (monthly, Chinese Edition). In 1995, he established the English edition of “Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine” (bi-monthly) and served as its chief-editor. He was one of the founders of the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine which was established in 1981 and acted as the first secretary general. In 1996-2008, he acted as the President of the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine. As Chairman, Ke-Ji CHEN has presided over the first, the second and the third World Integrative Medicine Congress.

Ke-Ji CHEN served as the consultant of traditional medicine in WHO from 1979 -1993 and a member of the editorial board of Phyththerapy Research, UK, guest professor of UCLA East-West Medical Center. He was the winner of the Qiushi Outstanding Group Prize and the Prize of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation for Scientific and Technological Progress. In 2007, he was awarded typical successor of the national intangible cultural heritage (traditional medicine) and the first international award of Chinese medicine of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. In 2009, he was granted Wu Jieping Medical Research Award.


China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

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