Digital Chinese Medicine preparation meeting held

By Wei SHU


In the morning of September 1, 2016, the preparation meeting of Digital Chinese Medicine (DCM) was held in the conference room on the second floor in Hanpu Campus. The co-editor-in-chief, chairman of governing board, professor Hui-Yong HUANG attended and hosted the meeting. The vice president Qing-Hua PENG, stuff of journals committee and TCM diagnostics research institute attended the meeting.

In the meeting, professor Hui-Yong HUANG stressed that we should have clear aim, direction and ideas on how to create a good international journal. He also required that we should try our best to create a journal with specific meaning and value. He also made an arrangement on concrete work in the future.

Hui-Yong HUANG pointed out that 1. DCM was funded by six national ministries so the journals committee should well-use the platform, make effective reform and integrate all sources by a optimized way, try to give the best support to DCM; 2. we should organize the editorial department of DCM as soon as possible, determine the stuff of DCM, launch the initiating funding; 3. set ffup the editorial board, balancing the number of domestic and international members, determine the core stuff; 4.the submissions to DCM should have high quality, high starting point, call for papers from top scientists. 5. Finally, the director of DCM should make a concrete timetable so that to guarantee the publication of the first issue in time.