The Director of DCM Editorial Board Wei-Wu WANG Spoke at the Meeting of TCM Diagnostic Institute

On June 20th afternoon, 2017, meeting of TCM diagnostic institute and the preparatory work and quality improvement plan of journal Digital Chinese Medicine (DCM) was held in Hunan University of Chinese medicine, which is the sponsor of DCM. 

The director of DCM editorial board Wei-Wu WANG made a detailed presentation on the preparatory work of DCM. In light of the idea of multidisciplinary research, Wei-Wu WANG deployed the work plan for big data, big platform and big applications construction based on DCM. At the meeting, the opinions and suggestions of university experts were given. Hui-Yong HUNG, the editor-in-chief of DCM, pointed out that the establishment and development of DCM should stick to innovative thinking and break the routine idea of development.

The meeting was successful. The preparation work of DCM was highly recognized and its future will be filled with challenge and hope.