Editors-in-Chief of Digital Chinese Medicine Gave Keynote Speeches on the Seventh National Digital Medicine Annual Conference Held in Xi’an

April 29-30th, 2017, the Seventh Annual Conference of Digital Medicine & Medical 3D Printing, Medical Robots and Big Data Based Intelligent Medical Techniques, which sponsored by the Digital Medical Branch of Chinese Medical Association, was held in Xi’an, Shanxi Province. Two editors-in-chief, academician Shi-Zhen ZHONG and Prof. Hui-Yong HUANG of Digital Chinese Medicine (DCM) were invited to attend and give keynote speeches on the conference.

This conference focuses on digital medicine popular fields, such as digital medicine, medical 3D printing, medical robots, digital orthopedics, big data based precision medical care and Intelligent medical care. After the opening ceremony of the conference, the editor-in-chief of DCM, academician Shi-Zhen ZHONG gave a keynote speech of Discussion on 3D Printing in Medicine on the academician forum.

The co editor-in-chief of DCM, Prof. Hui-Yong HUANG gave a keynote speech of New Progress and Ideas of Digitalization Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the same date afternoon. In addition, academician Shi-Zhen ZHONG and the other six academicians were awarded “Founding Contribution to Digital Medicine of Chinese Medical Association" on the conference.
According to reports, Digital Chinese Medicine (DCM) is the first international journal focusing on the informatics digitalization of traditional Chinese medicine in China. It has attracted broad attention even though at its very beginning stage.