Before you start

The Digital Chinese Medicine provides an electronic submission system for the authors, with the purpose of organizing, structuring and tracking all the necessary steps.

At first, authors should carefully read the Submission Guidelines, publicly available at:

which contains specific and academically detailed information on how to structure and present your research.

This document is entirely dedicated to practical site usage, which is of no less importance than your research itself, since properly publishing your work is as crucial as conducting it.

Carefully reading this document before starting your submission will save you time and will ensure you a faster to print processing.

Preparing your files

Please refer to the “Instruction for Authors” of DCM. .

Submitting your work

Step 1. Starting the Submission

1.Submission Checklist

Be careful to read all the points in this list, and to have everything set up as stated before clicking for confirmation. Taking the time to follow these initial steps is in your best interests because non-compliant submissions will result in delays or rejection by the editors.

All authors submitting to the Digital Chinese Medicine must agree to the Creative Commons Attribution License. This will allow us to publish your work as Open Access, with all the advantages implied.

3.Journal's Privacy Statement

This is to clear out the journal responsibility on the data you submit.


Step 2. Uploading the Submission

2.1 Submission File

Select and upload your main manuscript file. Use the [Browse] button to locate the file on your computer.


Then hit the [Upload] button to send it.

Wait for the page to reload itself. Clicking any other link or navigating away from this page will cancel the upload.


Step 3. Uploading Supplementary Files

3.1 The files

Following the same rules of the previous step, use this form to send your tables and images, one at a time. Your Cover Letter, Conflict of Interest Statement and Authors’ Contributions Statement should also be uploaded here.

Use the [Browse] button under “Add a new file” to locate the file on your computer.


Then attach the other files with the same steps.


When you have finished attaching all the files, click at [Save] button.

Step 4. Confirming the Submission

4.1 File Summary

You will be presented with a recap of all the files you have sent. Be sure you double-check everything before hitting the confirmation button.

Here’s a typical submission files list.


Figure 2: Example of submitted files list

4.2 Done

Check your email inbox for the confirmation message. If everything is in place, you’ll be able to follow your submission review and publishing process directly on the site.